Welcome to the Open Meeting for a Swedish Surface Scattering Instrument Project for ESS

Sweden is currently making unprecedented investments in research infrastructures with the development and construction of the European Spallation Source (ESS) in Lund. To take full advantage of this great opportunity a lot of effort and funding is put into rebuilding, expanding and enhancing the Swedish scattering community and local neutron ecosystem. Swedish research groups from several universities are already involved in developments related to a broad spectrum science and technologies at future ESS. This is large performed with funding through the recent neutron project grants from the Swedish Research Council (VR). However, at current time none of the planned ESS neutron instruments are lead/planned/managed by a Swedish groups or collaborations.

Recently it has been a general drive and wide interest in Sweden to move towards a Swedish instrument project for ESS. There are of course many options for which type of instrument that could best benefit the Swedish research community. Since a couple of years one specific suggestion has been put forward and that is focus on surface and interfaces with a surface scattering instrument, or in more specific a dedicated Grazing-Incidence Small-Angle Neutron Scattering (GISANS) instrument. The project goes under the working name SAGA (previously also known as GRAZE) and the idea was put forward mid 2015 and has since then been discussed at three workshops. SAGA has gained support from a wide Swedish community and currently 12 different Swedish institutions have joined forces to produce a National Science Case for SAGA.

Recent good news is that AstraZeneca has given its official support for the SAGA project. We very warmly welcome them to the team!

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